Brazilian Butt Lift

The brazilian butt lift is an extremely powerful procedure that has begun to replace gluteal implants over the past several years. This procedure is designed to augment the size and contour the shape of your gluteus using only your own tissue; therefore there is no risk with foreign materials or implants. Patients usually present with a desire to increase the size of their butt or would like re-countouring for a more youthful, rejuvenated, full appearance. Because this procedure uses your own tissues, it creates a more permanent result. Patients frequently comment on the improved and lifted appearance of their butt especially in clothing.

This surgical procedure involves 2 steps. The first is harvesting fat using the Liposuction technique to remove fat cells from the body, mainly located in the abdomen, flanks, back, and thighs where there is highest concentration. Liposuction has an added benefit in that it also allows the surgeon to sculpt the areas around the gluteus including the torso to provide an enhanced improvement in contour. The limiting factor for the amount of gluteal augmentation is the amount of fat that can be harvested; if you do not have much fat to remove, then there is not much that can be placed into your butt. If you have at least a moderate amount of fatty tissue present, then you can expect a good size increase. The harvested fat is then specially treated to remove dead cells and other nonviable liquid. In the second step, this treated fat is then injected into the gluteal muscles and surrounding soft tissue to increase the volume and fill this space, thereby lifting the gluteal skin at the same time. This is where the artistry in plastic surgery occurs; the fat is placed in small amounts at multiple levels and at certain precise locations to give the butt a more projected and youthful appearance. This is a minimally invasive procedure in that the incisions are approximately ½ cm each and around 2 incisions in each treated area. During your consultation, Dr. Tsai will present you with all the possible options in detail and work with you to individualize treatment according to your specific goals and expectations to provide you with the best possible result.

The brazilian butt lift is a safe procedure and is performed under general anesthesia (fully asleep). Depending on the amount of augmentation desired, it usually takes about 2-3 hours to complete. Patients return home the same day as the procedure so transportation will need to be arranged. Your first checkup will be the following day in clinic. It is recommended to refrain from sitting or laying on the gluteus for long periods of time for the first few days. Bandages are removed several days after the procedure and normal daily activities can be resumed within a few days. There is usually bruising in the liposuction harvest regions but this is normal and may take a week or two to fully resolve. Pain is tolerated with prescribed oral pain medication. Exercise is resumed approximately 6-8 weeks after surgery.

For more information, photos, and videos, please refer to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons website for Buttock Augmentation
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